People Around the World Are Really Into Adding Eminem to Their Workout Spotify Playlists

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV

The borders that divide the Earth’s population cannot stop the empirical truth that Eminem’s “Till I Collapse” makes anyone with a pulse want to jump on an elliptical. According to Spotify (via Variety), the 2002 track is the song that most often appears on playlists labelled “Workout” globally for a second year in a row. Post Malone’s “rockstar” holds the number-two position, but then it’s Eminem again with “Lose Yourself.”

At home in America, however, Eminem is not as popular as he is on the world exercise stage. According to Spotify, “rockstar” tops the U.S. charts with Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” in second place, and “Till I Collapse” in third place. “Lose Yourself” is all the way down in sixth place on the U.S. streaming chart below Cardi B’s 2017 breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” (a track the global chart hasn’t caught onto yet but probably will soon).

Spotify Users Agree: Eminem Makes Good Workout Music