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Stephen Colbert Is Going to Need You to Think About Trump’s Alleged Affair With Stormy Daniels

Grab your hyperventilation bag and sweep the crumbs off your fainting couch. Stephen Colbert has been going a little HAM of late, and as such has saved some of his tartest zingers for President Trump, now that reports have emerged that POTUS allegedly carried on an affair with porn performer Stephanie Clifford, known by her stage name Stormy Daniels, back in 2006. “Quick question: can Child Protective Services take custody of an adult woman?” Colbert crows after revealing Daniels’s claim that Trump praised her for being “just like his daughter” following their first evening together. Truly, it is a testament to the power of the modern 24/7 news cycle that a presidential sex scandal elicits nothing stronger than a world-weary “ugh, here we go.”

Stephen Colbert Asks You to Think About Alleged Trump Affair