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Stephen Colbert Goes Live, Is ‘Barely Conscious’ After Trump’s Long State of the Union

Reeling, mostly from confusion, after Donald Trump’s nearly 90-minute State of the Union address last night, Stephen Colbert went live to break down the president’s brags and promises. To Trump’s promise that America stands with all who suffer, he pointed out, “That is going to be a comforting message to the people of Puerto Rico, once they have electricity to turn on their TVs.” To Trump’s announcement that he’d ended the war on “beautiful, clean coal,” Colbert noted that you can’t stop a war on something that doesn’t exist, like a war on unicorns or moderate Republicans. And as Trump promised that “we have sought to restore the bonds of trust” in the nation, Colbert simply quipped, “Well, better luck next year.”

Stephen Colbert Goes Live After Trump’s State of the Union