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Stephen Colbert Named Honorary Dope Queen by Actual Dope Queens

The Dope Queens — Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, from the podcast and HBO specials 2 Dope Queens — sashayed onto the Late Show’s set to give Stephen Colbert a lesson in dope queendom. The ladies taught Colbert the correct usage of the vocabulary of the youth: “zaddy” and “hot peen.” (Both essentially mean hot guys.) But is Colbert cool enough to level up to Dope Queen status himself? After a quick sidebar, Williams and Robinson said sure, why not? “You’ll come over to one of our apartments in Brooklyn,” Williams said, “and watch Waiting to Exhale with us, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Living Single.” Voilà! Long may Dope Queen Stephen Colbert reign.

Stephen Colbert Is Royalty Now, Courtesy the 2 Dope Queens