Stephen Colbert to Trump: “Being ‘Like, Really Smart’ Is Not the Same Thing as Being Really Smart, Sir”

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert recaps the latest news from Michael Wolff’s book about the Trump White House and Trump’s tweet from over the weekend insisting he’s “like, really smart” despite the growing questions about his mental stability. “Being ‘like, really smart’ is not the same thing as being really smart, sir. Tootsie Rolls are ‘like chocolate’ if chocolate was made of brown wax and disappointment,” Colbert says. “Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that people who are mentally stable generally don’t announce it. If you’re going under for a surgery, the last thing you want to hear your doctor say is ‘Don’t worry, I’m mentally stable and, like, really smart.’” Bonus: If Trump’s “like, really smart” tweet reminded you of Zoolander’s “really really ridiculously good-looking” line, The Daily Beast already got Ben Stiller to recite Trump’s tweets in character for your enjoyment/horror:

Stephen Colbert to Trump: “Being ‘Like, Really Smart’ […]