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Our Cartoon President Trailer: Who Needs Affordable Health Care When You Have Stephen Colbert’s Animated Trump Series Instead?

Britain may have The Crown, but now the United States has the very equally minded Our Cartoon President. (Suck it, Lizbet!) Stephen Colbert and his merry band of Showtime creatives have debuted the trailer for their animated Donald Trump series, which promises to give a behind-palace-doors intrigue to the 45th administration. And by “intrigue,” we clearly mean “takedown” — are you really expecting Colbert to be kind to the Orange One? “I am well aware of how fast the news moves these days,” he recently explained. “The show does not exist to serve that. The show is the interpersonal relationships of the people you don’t get to see.” It’ll debut on the bigly February 11.

See the (Savage) Trailer for Colbert’s Animated Trump Series