2018 Was Just Begging Ansel Elgort and Scott Storch to Drop Some Heat

Ansolo has teamed up with aughts-era super-producer Scott Storch, and the result is a “Supernova.” The baby driver turned baby DJ turned baby singer adds to his repertoire of musical one-offs with this melancholy assemblage of word salad (e.g. “this supernova could cause a commotion, my mind’s of the notion you’ll still be my motive” and “reading my manifest, I’ll address your request”), and with a video that features Elgort — in very well-fitting jeans — stumbling through darkness, covered in sweat, while dodging passersby and for some reason playing a little hopscotch. If you wanted to know what it looks like when Storch plays a keyboard, he posted a BTS video to Instagram of the creative process.

‘Supernova’ Is the Ansel Elgort–Scott Storch Heat 2018 Needs