The Daily Show Highlights the Lies in Trump’s State of the Union

Trevor Noah opened his post–State of the Union live broadcast of The Daily Show by summing up Trump’s address to the nation: “If you came here for facts, you came here for the wrong thing.” Noah explains that beyond the president’s blatant disregard for facts, he also has the ability to create elaborate new lies in the moment — like how when he accidentally called a man who goes by “C.J.” the wrong name (“D.J.”), he seemingly invented a story on the spot about C.J. saying he could be referred to by either name, despite his first name starting with the letter C. “A lot of the fun of watching a Trump speech is watching him cover his mistakes, because Trump screws up words in his speech all the time. It’s normal,” Noah said. “But because it’s Trump, it’s not a mistake. For him, it’s just an opportunity to redefine reality.”

The Daily Show Highlights Lies in Trump’s State of the Union