An SNL Audition Tape That’ll Make You Say, ‘It’s Crazy, Like, for a While There I Was Like, ‘I Don’t Know,’ But Then, Yeah, It Came Out Pretty Good, So, Yeah’

Mary Houlihan Photo: Twitter/mary houlihan‏

Remember that Incubus lyric about how the ocean looks like “a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket?” The internet is like that but instead of diamonds, it’s SNL audition reels or impression reels that are essentially SNL auditions (oh, you have a video of you doing a Nancy Pelosi impression, so you can get a guest spot on Grown-ish?) and instead of a blue blanket, it’s a gray freaking hellscape. The problem is so many of them don’t address what the show actually needs — people to uncomfortably be on camera while other people are the center of attention. New York comedian Mary Houlihan realized this and put together an audition the show could actually use. Anyway, it’s a really funny video.

An SNL Audition Tape for What the Show Really Needs