Tim Baltz Breaks Down How Conservatives Are “Crushing Liberals Using Their Own Language” on ‘The Opposition’

Here’s a clip from last night’s The Opposition, where Jordan Klepper welcomes Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz on the show to break down how right-wing politicians and pundits are “crushing liberals using their own language.” “See, the left is good at attaching virtue to words and then hurling them like stones,” Baltz says. “Attaching virtue to words – big mistake!” Klepper says. “Yeah! Because we can steal those same words and then we look like the righteous ones!” Baltz and Klepper go through a round of examples where conservatives co-opted terms they once railed against like “fat-shaming,” “mansplaining,” “cultural appropriation,” and “pro-choice” to push their own agenda. “Booyah!” Baltz says. “We appropriated that word, and it was mischievous and shrewd and honestly, it gets me very excited.”

Tim Baltz Breaks Down How Conservatives Are “Crushing […]