Watch Kobi Libii’s Two-Part ‘Opposition’ Segment Investigating Former ‘Breitbart’ Writer Lee Stranahan

This week, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper aired a two-part segment from Citizen Journalist Kobi Libii, who headed out to Twin Falls, Idaho to investigate what far-right sites like Breitbart claimed was a horrific gang-rape of an Idaho girl by Syrian refugees that turns out to be – unsurprisingly, since it’s Breitbart and all – total and completely debunked bullshit.

In the above clip, Libii attempts to get to the truth of the story (there was no gang-rape, the victim and the attacker were both children, no one involved was Syrian, and there are 0 Syrian refugees in the area), and during part 2 of the segment below, he sits down for a chat with Lee Stranahan, the Breitbart writer who concocted the Twin Falls story – after Libii first gets his cover blown when attending Stranahan’s “Citizen Journalism School.” But then, Stranahan’s the one who gets busted when Libii calls him out for the tactics he used in his articles to twist the Twin Falls story into a Breitbart-friendly conspiracy theory, which ends the segment on a super heated note.

“I’m aware of the thing you’re doing. I recognize this tactic. It’s called plausible deniability. It’s a thing that cowards use to say hateful things and then not have to own them,” Libii says to a visibly angered Stranahan. “What you’re doing is called bullshit cherry-picking. That’s what you’re doing. And this is why you’re an asshole!” Stranahan responds. The segment then cuts off just as Libii, unable to stay in character anymore, tells Stranahan, “You shut the fuck up.”

Watch Kobi Libii’s Two-Part ‘Opposition’ Segment […]