Watch the Correspondents of ‘Full Frontal’ Go on a Worldwide Apology Race

Earlier this month, Full Frontal announced that it was sending its correspondents on a worldwide race to deliver apologies on behalf of all the terrible things Donald Trump has done, and during last night’s episode, Samantha Bee revealed the results. Responsible for apologizing for everything Trump did between January 10th through the 24th, Ashley Nicole Black, Allana Harkin, Amy Hoggart, and Mike Rubens gave it their best shot and covered an impressive amount of ground, with apologies for DACA recipients, 7-Eleven, Puerto Rico (side note: Full Frontal is airing a special Puerto Rico episode on March 28th), Haiti, the English language, Indiana steelworkers, all the people of Mexico, and more. Despite their efforts, though, the correspondents only apologized for 11 out of 61 shitty Donald Trump actions. “How is it even possible to do all that in two weeks?” Ruben asks. “It’s not. Welcome to hell, motherfuckers,” Bee replies. Watch part 2 below:

Watch the Correspondents of ‘Full Frontal’ Go on a […]