winter olympics 2018

The Gold Medal for Best Olympics Closing-Ceremony Performance Goes to the 13-Year-Old Guitarist

As always, this year’s Olympic Games served as a reminder that Adult You is maybe one tenth as accomplished as any of these 18-year-old internationally renowned medalists. But if watching all that youthful athletic prowess didn’t have you questioning what, exactly, you’ve been doing with your life, don’t worry. The Pyeongchang closing ceremony had one more wunderkind to set you back on your withered, over-21 heels. South Korean guitarist Yang Tae-hwan, who is all of 13 years old, brought the other kinds of shredding and heat on Sunday. If seeing a tween absolutely wail has given you a mind to pick up your own neglected guitar in your gnarled hands, be sure to check out his YouTube channel. He can definitely teach you a thing or two.

13-Year-Old Guitarist Wins Olympics Closing-Ceremony Gold