Billy Eichner and Funny or Die Team Up to Launch “Glam Up the Midterms”

During his appearance on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Billy Eichner revealed that he’s teamed up with Funny or Die to launch a campaign ahead of November’s midterm elections called “Glam Up the Midterms.” According to Eichner, the aim of the campaign is to raise midterm awareness, register voters, and encourage millennial voters to show up at the polls. Or as Eichner puts it, “We’re gonna turn the midterms into the hottest, sexiest event of the entire year.” In the above clip, Eichner debuts the campaign launch video on Kimmel’s show, which includes appearances from late night hosts Sarah Silverman, Seth Meyers, James Corden, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Robin Thede, Andy Cohen, Chelsea Handler, and Kimmel. Here’s more info from the press release:

Funny Or Die and Billy Eichner launched “Glam Up The Midterms” today, a campaign to encourage and energize young people to vote during the November 2018 midterm elections. With a mission to save democracy one vote at a time, “Glam Up The Midterms” will do the unthinkable – that is to leave Hollywood – and focus on America’s most competitive congressional districts, engaging youth participation through online video, social media activations, and localized live comedy events. “I had a dream last night that several small town Americans called me and were begging me to have more TV and film personalities lecture them about politics,“ said Billy Eichner. “So I’m here to answer their prayers! In all seriousness, I have certainly skipped more than a few midterm elections in my day - and now I deeply regret it. So, after years of shouting at people on Billy on the Street, I’ve decided it’s time to use my voice to do some good and to encourage young people all across the country not to make the same mistakes I did. Say what you will about me, I have a lot of energy and I can’t wait to use it to help get out the vote and help GLAM UP THE MIDTERMS on Nov 6th!” According to an NBC news poll only 12% of millenials voted in the last midterm election. Funny Or Die and Billy Eichner are going to change that, drawing on their unparalleled network of comedians, household-name celebrities, and world-famous entertainers to bring excitement, drama and passion to districts across the country. In 2018, the most exciting event of the year won’t be the Oscars, the Super Bowl, or some stupid solar eclipse that you’ve already forgotten about. This year’s biggest day is November 6 - the midterm elections - and Funny Or Die and Billy Eichner are ready and willing to glam them up. “Sadly, the former host of Celebrity Apprentice won’t return our phone calls. But we’ll be working with artists across the country to increase the number of Americans - especially young people - who vote in 2018,” said David Litt, Head Writer of Funny Or Die DC. From the same company that reached more young voters and raised more awareness than anyone else for Obamacare with Between Two Ferns, Funny Or Die and Billy Eichner’s “Glam Up the Midterms” will work to convince voters under the age of 40 that Democracy is worth fighting for and that they should vote in November. You can learn more about ‘Glam Up The Midterms’ at

Billy Eichner and Funny or Die Team Up to Launch “Glam […]