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Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti Invited No Family to Their Wedding Because They Know How This Movie Ends

Yes, we know Get Out was not a documentary per se. But there is some truth to every joke and Jordan Peele will not be transported to the Sunken Place by one of Chelsea Peretti’s cuckoo cousins on his wedding day. Peretti talked to Conan O’Brien about that time she and Peele just went ahead and eloped in Big Sur and told no one except their dog, who was their only witness. That and the woman who married them, named Soaring. It was very scenic. And luckily for the safety of Peele, it sounds like the family is taking it, uh, well? “We made these whole big photo books for everyone afterwards, and four out of four left them at our house,” she says. “In retrospect, it’s just photos of us having a good time at a party they weren’t invited to. It’s fair.” Tell Lil Rel your location at all times, just in case!

Chelsea Peretti Talks About Eloping With Jordan Peele