Christine Nangle Brings Back Teresa from ‘Pawnsylvania’ to Ask Jake Tapper for a Super Bowl TV Gig

Remember how great Kroll Show was? Specifically, how great Pawnsylvania was? It’s been a while since we got to hear from Murph, Don, and crew since Kroll Show ended its run in 2015, but thanks to Christine Nangle, we got a bunch of updates today from lifelong Philly resident Teresa, who is very excited to cheer on the Iggles this Super Bowl Sunday. Teresa was kind enough to field some questions on Twitter today – and ask fellow Philadelphian Jake Tapper for a Super Bowl TV correspondent gig – after she posted the below video revealing her Super Bowl prediction:

Here’s Teresa explaining why she has to take her dog to the vet:

Teresa’s stance on Broad Street median parking:

Teresa’s opinion of the King of Prussia Mall:

Teresa’s thoughts on Tom Brady and who she thinks is the best quarterback in the NFL:

Teresa shares some of her Super Bowl plans:

Teresa reveals the biggest dirt from Roman Catholic High School she’s ever met:

Teresa is not here for Jon Ronson’s tweets saying Philly needs to “get it together”:

Teresa responds to a video Paul F. Tompkins posted, where he creates a theme song for Phantom Thread:

Teresa reveals what she likes inside her Wawa hoagies:

Teresa places an order at the Starbucks drive-through:

Her favorite cheesesteak:

Her preferred cheesesteak cheese:

And finally, an offer for CNN anchor and noted Eagles fan Jake Tapper:

Tapper has responded to the last video but has yet to take Teresa up on her offer. (Do the right thing, Jake.)

Christine Nangle Brings Back Teresa from […]