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Stephen Colbert Thinks Donald Trump Is Too Chicken to Talk to Robert Mueller

Today in unsurprising news, reports surfaced that President Trump’s lawyers are urging him to decline an interview with Robert Mueller’s investigators. According to the New York Times, the lawyers fear that Trump’s penchant for lying could be problematic when it comes to the whole “under oath” thing. Stephen Colbert understands the lawyers’ arguments, but that’s not going to stop the Late Show host from attempting to goad the president into talking to Mueller anyway. “Mr. Trump, ignore your lawyers, sir,” Colbert said during his monologue. “You follow your instincts and you sit down with Robert Mueller! Otherwise, everyone’s going to think that you are scared.” To illustrate his point, Colbert brought out an empty box of fried chicken and implied the bird was currently sitting in the White House.

Colbert Thinks Trump Is Too Chicken to Talk to Mueller