Comedy Central Renews ‘Drunk History’ for a Sixth Season

More Drunk History is in the works. Comedy Central just announced it’s handed out a 16-episode renewal to Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner’s series, which debuted its fifth season last month and is currently airing Tuesday nights at 10:00pm. “They say history is written by the victors, but after five seasons, it’s now clear that it is best told by drunken comedians,” Comedy Central president Kent Alterman said on the news. Here’s what Waters told us on the possibility of a sixth season when we interviewed him last month:

Look, I’m a comedy nerd and artist and all those things, so it’s impossible for anyone to say they don’t wanna “top” themselves, but I think the word is more like, “How can I prove there’s a reason to keep watching this show?” That you’re not like “Yeah I get it.” How can I do that? I kinda feel like the blessing with the show is that these are history stories. I didn’t come up with them. Let me continue to do my best at finding the best stories and having the best people tell them. If I got Matt and Trey drunk and they told the Book of Mormon, that wouldn’t be me trying to “top” Hamilton. That would be me going, “I wanna fucking see that.” I think it’s when people always compare your next thing from your last, but I feel like Hamilton, because you brought it up, it was like “Yeah, well that was that. That’s over.” Once the episode is over it’s over so I wonder what the next one’s about. I think, more or less, what will happen is whatever my next project will be, they’ll say, “Ah, that one isn’t as good as Drunk History.” That’s where you have to top yourself is my next project, not my next season. If we do the show again, the next season will be better than the last. I refuse to do the show if it’s not like that.
Comedy Central Renews ‘Drunk History’ for a Sixth […]