Janelle Monáe and Tessa Thompson Made You a Bisexual Anthem and Whole Mood Board

Janelle Monáe calls her music videos emotion pictures because they are cinematic masterpieces that will make your feelings run the full spectrum. She’s about to release her third album, Dirty Computer, on April 27, and has blessed us with not one but two videos for our patience. The first is “Make Me Feel,” a Prince homage (remember, she was in the room for his last performance) starring Tessa Thompson as the woman the she wants to do nasty things with and some dude as the man she also wants to do nasty things with. Baby, don’t make us spell it out for ya. It’s like San Junipero with better lewks and twice the action.

And then we have “Django Jane,” which is just three minutes of straight bars. Yes, Janelle is rapping and, yes, Janelle is rhyming “pussy riot” with “pussy diet.” Oh yes, she’s bragging about her “Oscar for the casa.” And why yes, that is her talking from her vagina. A monologue indeed!

Janelle Monáe and Tessa Thompson Made a Bisexual Anthem