John Oliver Calls Trump “a Comedy Graveyard Where Laughter Goes to Die”

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver finally returned to HBO last night, and Oliver devoted most of the episode to exploring the many ways Trump has damaged the US’s reputation, from foreign relations to our country’s so-called “soft power” to, yes, even the constant onslaught of Donald Trump impersonations around the world: “Are any of these funny? I don’t know! Is anything about Trump funny anymore? Somehow the world’s most objectively laughable human has become a comedy graveyard where laughter goes to die,” Oliver says. On Trump’s approach to foreign affairs: “Trump can say that he doesn’t care because his approach is ‘America first,’ but you need allies to get anything done. Foreign affairs is like sex: If you loudly announce that you will always come first, you’re going to have trouble finding partners.” At the end of the segment, Oliver offers up a passionate defense of the US for the rest of the world with some help from the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus and a Smash Mouth classic.

John Oliver Calls Trump “a Comedy Graveyard Where […]