Jordan Klepper Defends Alex Jones Against Attacks from “Turd Blossom” and Comedy Central Host “Jordan Keppler”

In addition to trying to pick a Twitter fight with a teenager who recently survived the Florida mass shooting, Alex Jones has found a new enemy in The Opposition’s Jordan Klepper – or, as Jones calls him, “Jordan Keppler” – now that his YouTube channel is in jeopardy of getting banned due to spreading hate speech and false information. During last night’s show, Klepper threw Jones his support against Keppler, who Jones has referred to as a “classic psychopath,” “failed actor,” “turd blossom,” and “diarrhea coming out of a wart-infested butt” on his show. “If left unchecked, this Keppler might draw attention to other Infowars videos that YouTube could use as an excuse to ban them,” Klepper says. “The fact is, Alex Jones is facing a potential ban from YouTube because of the things his show said. Now, is that his fault? No! It’s the fault of people like Jordan Keppler – opposers. Don’t let the mainstream media and Keppler win.”

The Opposition also put together a handy compilation video that gives a good idea of just how far Jones’s obsession with this Keppler guy goes:

Jordan Klepper Defends Alex Jones Against Attacks from […]