Justin Timberlake Leans Into That Lumberjack Aesthetic for ‘Man of the Woods’ Video

Justin Timberlake posted a video to social media yesterday to show off his birthday haircut, and explain to fans that his upcoming album, Man of the Woods, isn’t a country album just because of the name (and the very frontier-oriented accompanying photo shoot). It’s actually named for his son, Silas, which apparently means “of the woods” in Latin. (So it’s like if the album was called Man Silas? Why not just Of the Woods? Or just… Silas? Anyway.) But while it isn’t a country album, Timberlake is sticking with the woodsy aesthetic in the new video for the album’s title track. It’s kind of weird that the song that shares the title of the album and is named for his baby son is about make-up sex. But hey, Jessica Biel is here, and they’re a cute couple. (Sorry your dad named a song about sex for you, Silas!)

Justin Timberlake Goes Literal for ‘Man of the Woods’ Video