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Kevin Hart vs. Security Guard Is the Real Super Bowl Showdown

Security guard.

If you’re going to get into an argument with a bodyguard about whether or not you’re allowed onstage at the biggest sporting event of the year, try to time it before or after the Lombardi trophy passes by your head. Never during. As everyone still watching the Super Bowl undoubtedly noticed, Kevin Hart could be seen having something of a discussion with a security officer, ostensibly about getting closer to that sweet, sweet ceremony. Unfortunately, Kevin Hart lost, a crushing blow to all you die-hard Kevin Hart fans out there. On the other hand, congrats Security fans! Another incredible win.

While Kevin Hart might not have made it onstage, he did make it onto the NFL Network’s postgame show, where he almost immediately said “fuck” on air and bolted away. All of which would be so embarrassing, if the Eagles hadn’t won, thus canceling out any bad feelings Kevin Hart would otherwise be feeling right now.

Update, February 5, 2018, at 9:45 a.m.: Here’s a “tipsy” Kevin Hart reflecting on the night’s shenanigans the next morning. There are still a few questions left to answer in the aftermath, like, “Kevin, where are your socks?” Drink responsibly, friends.

Kevin Hart vs. Security Guard Is Real Super Bowl Showdown