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Kumail Nanjiani on The Big Sick Streaming on Pornhub: ‘That’s the American Dream!’

Kumail Nanjiani has finally made it. Yes, he’s nominated for an Academy Award, but his movie, The Big Sick, was also featured on one of the country’s premier websites: Pornhub. The rom-com was listed under the “interracial” category of the site, Nanjiani, The Big Sick’s co-writer and star, recounted on Conan. “First of all, I’d like to think of the people who found it and thought it was porn, being like, ‘This one is taking a long time,’” Nanjiani joked. “And then, ‘Ray Romano is in this one?’” Streaming on Pornhub is the movie’s second-highest achievement, after that Oscar nom of course.

Kumail Nanjiani Found The Big Sick Streaming on Pornhub