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The Lady Bird House Is Being Constantly Bombarded by Greta Gerwig Enthusiasts

First there was Psycho. Then there was Home Alone. Now, Lady Bird. One could reasonably argue that when somebody makes a pilgrimage to your movie’s fictional house, you’ve done a damn good job as a filmmaker with your “world building” and all that jazz — which is exactly what’s happening to the fine folks living in Sacramento’s posh Lady Bird house. “I think they’re okay, but I feel so badly, because I didn’t know, and certainly couldn’t have known that this is what would end up happening,” Greta Gerwig explained on The Late Late Show. “They were so sweet when I asked, Oh, can I use your house? And they said Yes, of course. And now this! It’s a beautiful house!” Pro tip: Get there early for maximum enjoyment with your mom.

The Lady Bird House Is Being Bombarded With Visitors