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Late Night Grapples With Parkland, Trump, and Arming the Nation’s Teachers

The Olympics are over and NBC’s late-night hosts are back to riffing on the hilarious news of the da— oh no, it’s all school shootings and fighting with the NRA. Jimmy Fallon (who did get to host a mini-version of the Tonight Show last week) chose to focus on the Parkland, Florida, survivors and pledge his attendance at next month’s March for Our Lives demonstration against gun violence. Seth Meyers, however, spent a little more time breaking down current affairs in America, where the only thing easier to own than a gun is a politician or talking head on Twitter.

Over on CBS, Stephen Colbert unpacked President Trump’s newest assertion that only “highly trained” teachers with a “natural talent like hitting a baseball or hitting a golf ball” would be armed. Seems like the Venn diagram of “committed elementary school art teacher” and “military-grade sniper” wouldn’t have a huge overlap, but hey. Looks like we’re doing the “just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” method of governance again this year.

Meanwhile, Trevor Noah’s just trying to work out how Donald Trump intends to run into an active school shooting unarmed and save the day when he’s already too busy breaking a sweat running the country into the ground.

Late Night Grapples With Parkland, Trump, and Gun Control