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Melissa McCarthy Lives the Mom Dream in Her New Life of the Party Trailer

According to the trailer released by Warner Bros. Pictures today, the one unusual thing in Melissa McCarthy’s upcoming comedy Life of the Party should be that she’s a newly-single mom enrolled in the same college as her daughter, territory famously explored in 1986 Rodney Dangerfield classic Back to School. However, based solely on the limited footage available, the most remarkable thing about the trailer is how exceedingly chill McCarthy’s kid is about the whole thing. Your mom or dad’s college fantasy (going to all the frat parties, hooking up with extremely young hotties in the library, performing in some kind of fabulous talent show) would be most college-age children’s waking nightmare. But nightmares are much less fun, so bring on Melissa McCarthy dominating a dance circle!

Life of the Party Trailer: Melissa McCarthy Heads to College