Now 38 Male Music Execs Are Calling for Transparency and Diversity at the Grammys

Portnow. Photo: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

Following the lead of the women in music who were among the first to criticize Recording Academy president Neil Portnow for his comments telling female musicians to “step up,” a collective of male music execs are now chiming in. Thirty-eight men — including Scooter Braun, Randy Jackson, and songwriter Justin Tranter — have signed a joint letter calling on the Recording Academy and the Grammys to have more transparency about their voting blocks, and to make better efforts for inclusiveness. “Structural flaws in the makeup of The Recording Academy itself have led to systemic issues in the selection of nominees and winners for the awards,” they write. “Now is the time for NARAS to lead and be transparent and dedicated to transforming its member base to truly mirror the rich gender and cultural diversity of our community.” Their letter does not ask NARAS to remove Portnow, as the first joint letter from female music execs did (nor does it mention Portnow’s comments), but urges the organization to reveal the diversity breakdown of its members, which has long been unknown.

Male Music Execs Call for Inclusiveness at the Grammys