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Melania Trump Apparently Quite Enjoys Her Aloof SNL Impression

That exaggerated Slovenian accent and smokey eye shadow was all for something, girl. (And the power pouting! Definitely the pouting.) Cecily Strong, who’s been impersonating Melania Trump on SNL since the presidential election, is apparently on the receiving end of some real-life First Lady affection. As Strong explained on The Tonight Show, the Trumpess simply appreciates the Strong Method as opposed to, we don’t know, the Benanti Method of impersonations.

“I don’t remember her saying anything, really,” she recalled when they met at an SNL dinner. “She pointed at me when she walked in, and then I think [Donald Trump] said, She likes your impression. I heard through the grapevine that she watches the show and likes it.” Not only that, but Strong believes the First Lady is purposely going out of her way to give the show some fun material: “When she decorated the White House for Christmas, I think that was a gift she gave to us. And that white dress staring at the ballerina, that was for us.” Maybe!

Melania Trump Apparently Quite Enjoys Her SNL Impression