The Rock Leaps Tall Buildings With a Single Bound in New Skyscraper Trailer

How’s this for a premise of a Rock-powered action film: A former FBI hostage-rescue team leader and U.S. war veteran named Will Ford (The Rock) becomes a security consultant for skyscrapers, and after the tallest and allegedly safest building in the world lights on fire, Ford is framed for it and his family is taken hostage inside — and they’re above the fire line. So he has to clear his name and rescue his family at the same time. That sounds too easy for the Rock, though, right? Well, how about he also has a prosthetic leg, because he does. There’s no way that slows down the Rock, though, and the only question left is: Will that leg become a blunt-force object in close combat? Find out on July 13.

New Skyscraper Trailer Features the Rock vs. Gravity