Octavia Spencer Is Blessing the Horror Genre With the New Thriller Ma

Octavia Spencer. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough Octavia Spencer on your screens? All these TV shows to choose from and all these movies, and not nearly enough Octavia Spencer to fill them? Well, it seems Octavia Spencer agrees, because she just signed on to star in the new Blumhouse thriller Ma. According to Variety, the film will reunite Spencer with The Help director Tate Taylor. Taylor hasn’t shared any plot details, but calls the movie “dark material” that will also be “really fun.” He isn’t sharing who Spencer’s character will be, either, but hints at a possible antagonist by saying, “I wouldn’t call her a villain,” and “it’s definitely the most complex character she’s ever played, if I may be so bold as to say that.” That is bold!

Spencer has recently expressed her desire to shift away from period pieces for the time being. Ma is her second recent project in development following news of the comedy she’ll be starring in with Jessica Chastain. Based on what Taylor told Variety, he and his old friend Octavia are both excited about switching up their filmographies. “It was so serendipitous, because Octavia and I are always complaining about being offered the same shit, and I read this and thought, ‘Oh fuck,’” Taylor said. “This is so fucking weird and awesome and I want Octavia be the lead.” Juliette Lewis and Luke Evans will co-star in whatever this “weird and awesome” movie ends up being, and the director says they’ll be shooting on his property in Mississippi — which should help with that Blumhouse-sized production budget — in his Greek Revival mansion, which sounds super creepy!

Octavia Spencer Is Doing a Blumhouse Horror Movie