olympics 2018

Rogue Squirrel With Zero Ounce of Decency Nearly Derails Snowboarder During Olympics

Sports, am I right?! Daniela Ulbing was tearing up some snow in PyeongChang, minding her own business in the parallel giant snowboard slalom, when tragedy struck. Nah, she didn’t fall, but one could argue what actually happened was a whole lot worse psychologically: The pigeon of the land, a squirrel, infiltrated the course and did its whole ohmygodwhereamIscatteraway! routine. The Austrian athlete was amazingly able to keep her cool and avoid hitting this asshole rodent, even managing to finish on top of her heat for an overall first-place finish. Still. Bullwinkle, come get your man.

Rogue Squirrel Nearly Derails Snowboarder During Olympics