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The One Thing Omarosa and Melania Have in Common, According to Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel. Photo: Randy Holmes/ABC

There’s one major news event that President Donald Trump has been curiously mum on: No, not the Best Picture race. The Olympics! On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host shared his theory on what television programming the president is actually catching up on instead of the games. “Here’s what I bet Trump is watching instead of the Olympics: Omarosa, the former Apprentice contestant, then Celebrity Apprentice contestant, then White House Apprentice contestant, is now a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother,” he said during his monologue last night. After being fired from the White House — reportedly for using and abusing her car service privileges — Omarosa has moved on to another house populated by zany personalities. “That’s right, Omarosa is trapped in a house with a bunch of reality-TV stars,” Kimmel said, “just like Melania.” Omarosa is a reality-TV pro, though — and she’s ready for her close up.

Omarosa and Melania Have Something Common, Says Jimmy Kimmel