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Oprah, Who Doesn’t Get Out Much, Didn’t Recognize Leonardo DiCaprio

Oprah, goddess divine, doesn’t get out much. She’s Oprah — she doesn’t have to! But when she did make it to Ellen’s star-studded birthday party, she ran into a white guy in a baseball cap that looked semi-familiar. “This guy comes back, I know it’s somebody, I know it’s somebody… Who is it? Is it Justin Timberlake? I don’t think it’s Justin Timberlake. The Weeknd says to him, ‘Hey man, I really loved the film you did,’” Oprah recalled on Ellen’s show. “He says, ‘No, that wasn’t a good film for me, it wasn’t my favorite film.’” Oprah, probably wearing her vibranium journalist glasses, asked this mystery man what he considers his favorite movie. “The Aviator,” mystery man said. Eureka! He was Wolf Pack president Leonardo DiCaprio!

There are several absolutely hilarious things happening here: Leo’s favorite of his movies is The Aviator. Was the Weeknd complimenting The Revenant, and was that the movie Leo confessed that he didn’t love? Was he wearing his good cargo shorts that night? Did Rihanna text him back? Either way, Oprah has presented us with the story behind the most curious Instagram of 2018:

Oprah, Who Doesn’t Get Out Much, Didn’t Recognize Leo