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Rose McGowan Defends Unconventional Late-Night Interview: ‘I Am Unusual, That Is the Point’

Last night, Rose McGowan appeared on the Late Show in a bright-orange hoodie and sneakers to sit cross-legged on Stephen Colbert’s guest chair and get down to business. She talked briefly about being the “architect” of the Harvey Weinstein downfall, having been the first to publicly accuse him of rape, but mostly she came to be an agent of chaos. She talked about the patriarchal constraints of wearing suits, the absurdity of thinking khakis are acceptable, how the Biblical story of Jonah and the Whale definitely doesn’t make any sense no matter the interpretation, and why her thoughts and opinions shouldn’t be dismissed just because they might make you uncomfortable.

Colbert interjected, saying, “Here’s the strangest thing: There’s nothing about what you just said …” McGowan finished for him, “… that’s wrong! But they’ll make me seem crazy for saying it.” It seems McGowan anticipated reactions to the interview, which has been written about as being “bizarre” since Colbert couldn’t ask much. She has since responded to the backlash in a series of tweets explaining that she no longer has use for traditional interview formats, even requesting that Colbert go with the flow, and that her being perceived “unusual” is the point, like her or not.

Rose McGowan Defends Unconventional Late-Night Interview