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Saoirse Ronan Has Thought a Lot About How Awkward It Would Be to Bring a Date to the Oscars

Who will human ray of Gaelic sunshine Saoirse Ronan strut down the Oscars red carpet with this year? Maybe a cute boy, but eh, probably not. Because she’s crunched the numbers when it comes to how soon she should bring a romantic prospect to the big ceremony — date ten? — and the cons seem to be outweighing the pros at the moment. “It’s a big leap,” she explained at BBC Radio 1. “It depends on how the dates are going.” Plus, how would he react if she loses? (Which, please, shouldn’t happen.) She needs someone she can trust! “I’ve got to do my loser face in front of this person I don’t know that well,” she continued. “And do they do the loser face with you? If they don’t know you that well, how are they gonna comfort you when you lose? And will you want them to? That’s why you bring your mom.” Always.

Saoirse Ronan Has Some Thoughts About Oscar Dates