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Saoirse Ronan’s First Oscars Was Disrupted by a George Clooney Dress Altercation

Sir Shaw! Our Lady Bird goddess divine will be attending her third Oscars next weekend, which has her doing a little reminiscing about the very first time she attended the ceremony back in 2008 for Atonement. (At the very old age of 13.) And you know what? She had the time of her life with her mom — they even flew over from New Zealand for the occasion, owing to her filming schedule — with a brief, heated moment with George Clooney standing out above the rest. “All I remember from the night, out of the whole experience, was me doing an interview and being in the foreground of this camera shot going on, ‘Oh, it’s so great to be here!’” she explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “My mom was in the background and had this dress with a long train and George Clooney stood on the train and he didn’t realize it.”

Attempts to fix this fashion faux pas failed miserably. “My mom had never been on the red carpet before and she’s in the background like, ‘Excuse me! George! Excuse me!’ And keeps tapping him on the shoulder and he won’t turn around,” Ronan continued. “And then she gets more and more aggressive and he still won’t turn around. He eventually moved out of the way. She came up to me after and was like, ‘You’ll never believe what just happened to me. You’ll never believe what George Clooney did to me.’” Some nerve, buddy!

Saoirse Ronan’s First Oscars Marred by Silly Clooney Clash