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Seth Meyers Presents Newspaper Movie, Which Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

If watching men with bad bangs and Metamucil-colored shirts stressfully dial phone numbers and get into bitter arguments about “sources” and “files” is your thing, Newspaper Movie is the movie for you. Late Night’s latest fake trailer is The Post meets Spotlight meets All the President’s Men plus the fifth season of The Wire: Seth Meyers stars as a grizzled, lonely newspaper reporter uncovering a big secret. The big government conspiracy is unknown, but this is surely a movie of the moment that will highlight the power of democracy, and visually show this through a few aerial shots of the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. “Newspaper Movie is a nonstop thrill ride, if your idea of a thrill ride is seeing middle-aged white people typing for two hours,” says the Los Angeles Times. Expect nonstop eye rolls from the White House when Newspaper Movie wins Best Picture.

Seth Meyers Makes a Newspaper Movie Trailer