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SNL’s Hope Hicks, ‘Gossip Girl of the White House,’ Also Has No Idea What Her Job Is

As the old saying goes: Hope Hicks sinks ships. The current White House communications director — and former book-cover model — was kind enough to swing by SNL’s version of Fox & Friends this week, where she couldn’t really say anything of substance about the ongoing Nunes memo drama. But those Fox hosts didn’t really care! They just want to fawn over what a nice young lady she seems, and how she deserves such an equally nice job. “Sure, if you say so. There are no real jobs here,” Hicks explained. “Every day it feels like when a group of strangers work together to push a beached whale into the sea.” And frankly, she doesn’t see why people admire her so much: “People are treating me like I’m the Gossip Girl of the White House. But even if a certain White House ‘It’ boy did get a little chatty with some Russian hunks, you wouldn’t hear about it from me.” XOXO.

SNL’s Hope Hicks Is the ‘Gossip Girl’ of the White House