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Natalie Portman’s Ferocious SNL Rap Somehow Dissolves Into How Jar Jar Binks Has 17 Dicks

Damn, girl. Judging solely by her sick rap skills, Natalie Portman hasn’t changed much in the 12 years since she last hosted SNL. Oh, except she has a bunch more modern cultural references up her sleeve to scare the shit out of her new interviewer: Tide Pods are her preferred afternoon snack, bitch. Dildos on switchblades make bedroom romps even sexier, asshole. Staple #TimesUp pins to your forehead! Believe it or not, the interview was still going pretty well up until the Star Wars prequels had to be brought up, which sent Portman into an Padmé Amidala–induced spiral. If you don’t kiss Jar Jar Binks’s 17 dicks or compliment the trilogy, you’re dead.

Natalie Portman’s Savage SNL Rap Will Divide Star Wars Fans