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AJ From Queer Eye Just Got Engaged and We’re Not Even Done Crying About His Coming Out

If you haven’t finished drying your eyes from the emotional closing scene of the Queer Eye reboot’s fourth episode, then don’t bother! Because the water works are going to start back up again when you hear the good news: the episode’s subject AJ is now engaged to his partner Andre. The couple has been officially congratulated by the Queer Eye Twitter feed. If you missed AJ’s episode, it ended with the Atlanta resident coming out to his stepmother. It starts with them weeping into each other’s arms about how much they miss his dad, with AJ then coming out to her by reading a letter he wrote to his father after his death. She touches his face. Smiles at him. Wraps him up as he sobs into her shoulder and says, “I’m always gonna be there for you.” It is simply one of the most heart-squeezing things that has happened in 2018. AJ even told his stepmom right there that he had a boyfriend, was very happy, and was even thinking about “possibly getting married.” Well, possibility has turned to party planning, with AJ and Andre bound for the altar. Start your Friday drinking early, and toast to the happy couple.

Start Crying Again: AJ From Queer Eye Just Got Engaged