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Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers Rain on President Trump’s Military Parade

What’s the point of having a lot of tanks if they doesn’t ever roll down Pennsylvania Avenue? According to reports, President Trump wants to plan a grand military parade in the style of France’s Bastille Day, except, presumably, an even bigger, “huge” parade. However, late-night hosts are not really fans of this idea. “That’s right Trump wants a military parade,” Seth Meyers said during his “A Closer Look” Late Night segment. “So, you’re just going full dictator now. Just dick wasn’t enough?” Meyers wasn’t done with his zingers. “Man, you had a chance to be in the military, and you dodged it,” Meyers added. “If you want to have a parade for something you yourself avoided, why not throw an IRS parade? Or a parade of personal trainers?”

Stephen Colbert also compared Trump’s love of military displays to authoritarian leaders with his monologue. “All right, check your cards, who has Dictator Bingo?” Colbert asked holding up a fake bingo card. The Late Show host joked, “Trump’s not mad at Kim Jong-un as much as he seems to be jealous. He wants to do all the fun stuff.”

Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers Rain on Trump’s Military Parade