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Stephen King’s The Bone Church Is Potentially Headed to a TV Near You (The TV Is Also Bones)

Stephen King. Photo: Larry French/Getty Images

We as a society are dead-set on wringing every last word from author Stephen King, like he’s a horror-writing orange with a fun Twitter presence, for use in TV or film. To whit, Deadline reports that King’s The Bone Church has been acquired for development as a television series. First published in Playboy in 2009, a version of the narrative poem was included in the author’s anthology The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. The Bone Church was reportedly acquired by producer Chris Long and David Ayer, most recently the director of Bright and Suicide Squad. King’s Bone Church details the journey of members of an ill-fated jungle expedition, who brave the dangers of the wild only to find themselves faced with, with any luck, a wildly popular limited series on Netflix.

Stephen King’s The Bone Church Being Developed for TV