A Three Billboards–Inspired Protest in Florida Demands Gun Control Action From Marco Rubio

Ebbing, Missouri, might be a fake place, but Marco Rubio’s office in Doral, Florida, is very real. Today there are three mobile billboards going around the area, pressing the senator to take action on gun control. The signs imitate the protest Frances McDormand’s character stages in the movie Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri to chide the local police force for not solving the rape and murder of her daughter. The signs cruising around the Miami area today say:

“Slaughtered in school”

“And still no gun control?”

“How come, Marco Rubio?”

Seventeen people — teachers and students — were shot to death at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, earlier this week, with more still being treated for injuries, after a 19-year-old former student entered the campus and opened fire with an AR-15 that he legally purchased at a gun shop last year. The billboards were paid for by the progressive activist group Avaaz, and its deputy director, Emma Ruby-Sachs, told CNN, “Today citizens are asking: How come Rubio refuses to protect our children? The senator has taken fire across the country for his toothless response to the shooting, calling it ‘inexplicable.’ We called (that) ‘inexcusable.’”

Three Billboards–Inspired in Miami Calls Out Marco Rubio