Tom Green Looks Back on His Time as a ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ on ‘This Is Not Happening’

Here’s a clip from week’s episode of This Is Not Happening, titled “Famous,” where Tom Green looks back on his time as a contestant alongside Andrew Dice Clay, Scott Hamilton, Dennis Rodman, Joan Rivers, and more on season 2 of The Celebrity Apprentice. It’s an experience that now allows Green to say things like “I know the President of the United States. He fired me on The Celebrity Apprentice” and “The president fired me cause I went out drinking with Dennis Rodman” with complete accuracy, and he’s certainly learned a few things from it, especially now that he has some hindsight: “I will say that it does demystify the presidency when you know the president. I know the president personally. The president knows me. Anyone who knows me should probably not be president.” Watch the rest when the episode airs on Comedy Central this Friday at midnight.

Tom Green Looks Back on His Time as a ‘Celebrity […]