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Trevor Noah Theorizes Why Eagles Fans Were Allowed to Riot in Peace

Philadelphia was a fiery hellscape after the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory, according to The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah. When a local-news anchor said the “police were left powerless” as drunken Eagles fans rioted in the streets, Noah did a quick fact check: “It got so crazy that the ‘police were left powerless’? The poor police! What happened? They were like, ‘We couldn’t do anything, they were white!’” Noah’s big question for Eagles fans? “Why would you burn your city down when you won? I feel like the Eagles need to lose every year so they can go out and fix things.” All this unbridled debauchery reminded the Daily Show team of another American town where vices run wild.

Look at this world. This beautiful world. We built this world together. With the voice-over from Westworld’s season-two trailer over footage of Philly fans rioting celebrating in their great city, The Daily Show gave us “Wooderworld.” It’s a “world where dreams come true,” meaning a world where drunk dudes can jump from street signs into crowds of other drunk dudes, break windows, and flip cars in the middle of the street. Huzzah! In Bradley Cooper’s facial expressions we trust.

Trevor Noah Theorizes Why Eagles Fans Were Allowed to Riot