A Recommendation: TheSoftballFreeAgent.com

Mike Camerlengo’s got a knack for being a digital one-man show. Five years after we featured his ultra low-fi Unsolicited about a guy who pitches brands on ad campaigns they’re almost certain to hate, Mike “The Big C” Camerlengo, as no one calls him, has graced us with another completely absurd contribution. This time, it’s in the form of a website he created, called TheSoftballFreeAgent.com. In addition to three videos about an idiot looking to join a new slow-pitch softball team after being ousted from the league, Mike’s adorned the site with a bunch of little gems, like the invite to his yearly end-of-season pool party, part of which reads:

Every year after the season I invite the entire team to my brother-in-law Keith’s swimming pool. Yes it’s above gound which you know means it’s “so money” (Vince Vaughn). Last year we had burgers, dogs and a John Mayer impersonator shredding the acoustic (the neighbors are dicks).

Listen, you don’t have to put him on your team, but visiting the site is certainly worth an inning’s worth of time…eh? Eh? In all seriousness, an inning is probably a little long.

Episode #1, “Softball Free Agent”

Episode #2, “Team Stretch” 

Episode #3, “The Mound Visit” 

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A Recommendation: TheSoftballFreeAgent.com