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A24 Bought a Horror-Movie Script From the Author of ‘Cat Person’

Photo: A24

The internet met writer Kristen Roupenian last year when her New Yorker short story “Cat Person” — a tale about bad dates that sparked conversations about sexual consent and gender dynamics — went viral. The story landed her a sizable publishing deal, and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, film studio A24 was impressed enough by her work to make its first-ever spec-script purchase for a horror movie by Roupenian called Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. Plot details are in lock down, but THR says, “[T]he script shows heightened sensitivity to character development and social dynamics in a subversive way.” Per the publication’s source, executives at A24 knew of “Cat Person” and sought out the script when they found out she had one written. Their interest was reportedly piqued by the “shrewd character study where mystery and deep-seated scares blended in such a way that the company saw an opportunity to make a horror movie that could also be culturally relevant.” The studio now intends to fast-track the script into production. Jokes about black cats are now very welcome.

A24 Buys Horror-Movie Script From the Author of ‘Cat Person’