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Adam Rippon Didn’t Even Need Ellen’s Help to Achieve His Goal of Meeting Shawn Mendes

Photo: Instagram/Adam Rippon

Turns out Adam Rippon didn’t need Ellen to make his dreams come true, he simply harnessed an opportunity himself. After announcing on Ellen last week that he had been sleeping on Shawn Mendes (crush-wise, not literally), Rippon found a way to meet Mendes without any help from DeGeneres at an Oscars party. Rippon, clad in his Tyra-approved kink-but-make-it-fashion suit and harness, shared a selfie with Mendes, who seems enthusiastic but confused, on his Instagram story. He might not have completed any quads at the Olympics, but Rippon sure is sticking the landing in real life.

Adam Rippon Achieved His Goal of Meeting Shawn Mendes