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Yes, Indeed, Impersonating Donald Trump Is Agony to Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin couldn’t give a damn about President Trump slamming his “terrible” SNL impression, because, frankly, he’s feeling the pain at this point, too. “It’s not like agony, it is agony,” he told Jimmy Fallon about his performance, doubling down on comments he made in a Hollywood Reporter interview. “I don’t need to tell you, it gets exhausting after awhile.” Although admittedly, his Twitter feud with Trump does bring him some joy, thanks to the sheer absurdity of it all: “It was kind of surreal though.” We’d say it’s an honor, but there’s plenty, plenty more of Trump’s social-media musings where that came from.

Alec Baldwin Waxes Poetic About His ‘Surreal’ Trump Feud